Thinking of moving out?

Are you considering relocating? There are a few main things you must attend to in order to complete your tenancy without any issues.

To begin, you must give vacating notice.

If you want to leave before your contract is up, you’ll have to get in touch with your property manager to sort through the details (may include additional costs for breaking the lease early).

You will be given a vacate date after providing the required notice. This gives you the latest date you can return the keys to your property manager.

On this date, you must have removed all of your personal belongings, including furniture, from the property and left it in a suitable condition for new tenants.

You must also continue paying rent until this date, regardless of whether you choose to stay at the property until the last day.

You’ll have some responsibilities to meet in order to keep the property in good condition. Cleaning, ensuring the functionality of appliances, smoke detectors, and other tasks will be among them.

Cleaning before you leave should be a thorough process, not just a quick tidy up. Some of the fundamentals are as follows:

  • Cleaning the oven, cooktop, and range hood inside and out, as well as around and under knobs
  • Carpets were thoroughly vacuumed and cleaned. Professional carpet cleaning is not always required, but it is always recommended to ensure that floors are in good condition.
  • All walls must be lightly cleaned, and all marks must be removed.

Let your energy suppliers know

Give your energy suppliers plenty of notice that you will be leaving so that they can arrange for final metre readings. You should also notify your suppliers of your new address to make the transition easier.


How to get your bond back

If you follow the procedures in your state correctly, you should receive your bond quickly. During this time, your property manager can provide useful guidance, but there is plenty of information available online – and you can start getting informed by browsing the link below:

If you fulfilled all of the terms of your lease and left your property in reasonable condition, you should receive the full amount of your bond back.